This walkthrough shows you all the features of this web site.

You can:

  • Go through all the way from the start to the finish
  • Do a bit, go away and come back to do a bit more
  • Just cherry pick those bits that interest you

If you haven't read the introduction, that's the best place to start. At the bottom of each page in the walkthrough you'll see a link back to this page and a link to the next page in the sequence.

Here's a list of the walkthrough pages. Click any one to jump straight to that section of the walkthrough...


Introduction to the walkthrough
Introduction to the web site

What everyone can see

The home page
Finding out about groups
Finding out what groups are up to
The calendar
News and articles
Registering interest
Finding out how to join
Get notified of changes
Monitor discussions
Contact us
Background to the U3A

The members' area

Introduction to the members' area
Entering/leaving the members' area
Group membership
'Your' services
Your profile
Member lookup
Emailing group members
Visit booking
Group leaders
Group editors
Event leaders
Membership administration
Site editors