Site editors

Site editors can create, update and delete any content in the site. They can also use the web site to email all U3A members or email all group leaders.

Site editors provide the following essential roles:

  • Set up of new groups in the web site
  • Maintenance of web pages specific to HI U3A as a whole (rather than group pages)
  • Promotion of group news items and articles that are of general interest to the U3A pages
  • Linking of items to multiple groups (for example, to create a joint social event)

Site editors can also maintain content on behalf of individual groups. However, groups that create a lot of content or that make frequent changes should try to build the capability to make their own changes. It's not particularly difficult and does not require specific IT expertise.

This is the end of the walkthrough. Let us know of suggestions for improvement you might have. You can find out more about creating content here.