Click Forums in the menu bar to see a list of forums like this:


Note that we can set up forums so they are either:

  • Visible to people that have not logged in - but they can't contribute; or
  • Invisible to people that have not logged in

Click the name of any forum to see a topic list like this:

Topic list


  • The second line shows you where you are in the forum subsystem; click any link to return to that part of the subsystem
  • You can click the 'Subscribe' link in the second line to ask the forum subsystem to notify you by email of any new topic in the selected forum
  • If you click the 'Subscribe' link it turns into an 'Unsubscribe' link so you can ask to stop receiving the emails

Immediately below the topic list you see a text box that allows you to add a new topic, like this:

New topic

This is the standard text entry box that allows you to enter a title for your new topic and some text as a discussion starter. Tick 'Notify me of follow-up replies by email' to get an automatic notification when someone adds to your topic.

Click a topic to see the discussion like this:



In this example, you can see: the original discussion starter; a reply and a reply to a reply. You can respond to any part of the discussion by clicking one of the 'Reply' links.

Note that you can subscribe to/unsubscribe from individual topics as well as forums.

The rest of this walkthrough describes features available to people that have special rights in the web site: group leaders; group editors; event leaders; and site editors.