I forgot my username or password

Every current member of Hayling Island u3a has a username and password that gives access the the members' area of this site.

We sent an email to everyone when we launched the site providing usernames and passwords. All new members are notified of their credentials when they join.

This article explains what to do if you have lost or forgotten your username, your password or both.

The process depends on your current situation:

  • If you know your username, use the procedure described below to reset your password
  • If you do not share your email address with another member of Hayling Island U3A, use the procedure described below to reset your password.

If neither applies to you, you will need to find out your username. Either Andy Henderson or Peter Haskell can tell you your username.

Your password is stored by the web site in such a way that no-one can retrieve it. Not even site administrators. Instead, the web site gives you the ability to reset your password using the procedure below. This procedure requires you to have an active email address registered with the web site. If you have provided a dummy email address or or one that doesn't work, you will have to provide Andy Henderson or Peter Haskell with a new password so they can reset it for you.

To reset your password via the web site, click a link to the members' area. You'll find one in the menu bar and another in the area at the bottom of any page in the site. When you click the "Members' area" link you will see the login page...

Retrieve Password 1

Click the message 'Click here if you forgot your password'. You will see this page...

Retrieve Password 2

If you know your username enter it in the box provided. Otherwise you can use your email address - but only if you do not share it with another u3a member.

Click 'Get New Password'. The web site will then send you an email that tells you your username and gives you a link to click. When you click the link you will see this page...

Enter new password

Enter your new password in both boxes provided. If the two versions match, the site will store your new password. You can now go to the members' area of the site using the username provided in the email sent by the web site and the password you just provided. To make sure you have them available when you need them, make a note of them now. Alternatively, set yourself up with a password manager that can keep track of all your ids and passwords and - in many cases - can enter them for you. I can recommend LastPass which is available as a free service.