Entering/leaving the members' area

We provide four ways to get into the members' area of the site:

  1. Click 'Members' area' in the menu bar of any page
  2. Click 'Members' area' in the page footer of any page
  3. Click 'Login & return to this page' in the page footer of any page
  4. Some web links can require you to log in to the site before you can see the linked page.

If you see 'Log out' in the menu bar or the page footer, you are already logged in to the web site.

Regardless of how you try to enter the members' area, you will see an id and password challenge like this:

You have two ways to log in:

  1. Enter your username and password
  2. Use 'Log in without a password': you provide your username or email address (as held in the site) and we send you an email containing a special link that you click to log in

If you forget your username or password, click 'Click here if you forgot your password' to set a new password. You will need to know your username or the email address stored for you in the web site (if you share an email address use your username only). You will also need access to email sent to that email address. You will be unable, however, to retrieve your existing password. Passwords are stored in such a way that no-one - not even site administrators - can know what it is.

When you enter a valid username and password, you will see that the menu bar has changed to indicate you are in the members' area. The footer will also changes to tell you that you are logged in:

Logged in footer

You also see options to update your profile (more later) and go to the site dashboard that editors use to change content in the web site.

Having successfully logged-in, you can open additional windows or tabs in your browser to see other parts of the members' area. You won't need to log in again.

You leave the members' area if you:

  • Stay logged-in for two days (if you are working on a page or posting, you will be put on hold until you log in at which point you can continue without losing any data)
  • Close down your web browser, or
  • Click the 'Log out' link shown in the menu bar and in page footers and click the 'Confirm log out' button:
    Confirm log out

Closing a browser window displaying the U3A page will not log you out. Nor will sending your device to sleep/hibernate.

You can extend the time you stay logged-in to 14 days by checking the 'Remember me' box when you log in.