Group leaders

Each group can has one or more group leaders. Group leaders see additional options in their group page like this:

Group Leader OptionsUnder 'Membership management' there are options to:

  • Add or remove members from your group. Group leaders should add themselves to take full advantage of services available to group members. More details here.
  • Show contact details for all members of your group on a single page. This is particularly useful for outdoor groups and groups that meet in locations without internet access. You can load the page into a smart phone and - as long as you don't close it - you can refer to members details, including emergency contacts, at any time.
  • Show (any) registrations of interest recorded against the group.
  • Record an interest in the group on behalf of someone else (perhaps they emailed direct).

The 'Manage group editors' option allows group leaders to add and remove group editors - people allowed to do the following for the group:

  • Add and update news, articles and events
  • Maintain the membership list
  • Maintain the editor list
  • Update the main group page

Note that group editors don't have to be group members. For example, a set of groups can share the same group editor. Group leaders should add themselves as a group editor if they want the full range of capabilities.

Group leadersĀ can also show contact details for theirĀ group members via the main web site menus. Select 'Member services' / 'Membership admin' / 'Your group contacts' to see either a list of your members or - if you lead more than one group - a list of groups to allow you to select the one you want to see. Site editors can also choose to select from all groups. The list always includes emergency contact information for members and - for all members that allow access - their contact details.