Introduction to the walkthrough

The walkthrough pages include images of web site pages (screen shots) like this:

Sample screen shot

Click any of them to see a larger version (although if you're using a device with a small screen, the 'larger' version might end up smaller than the version in the text).

In most cases, screen shots won't include the page header or the menu bar.

We created this walkthrough during the early stages of the web site project. Many of the sample pages therefore show test material. Even where this is not the case, it is likely to show material that is out of date.

Some of the walkthrough pages have several sections they'll appear like this:

This is the first section

This is the content of the first section.

Click the heading to hide it again.

This is the second section

This is the content of the second section.

Click the heading to hide it again.

Click any heading to see that section. Click the heading again to hide it. Try it now.

The walkthrough includes a number of links to pages in the web site. If you click one of these links, the page is shown in a new tab or window so you won't lose your place in the walkthrough.

Towards the bottom of this page you'll see the walkthrough navigation bar. The left-hand side of the bar links to the previous page in the walkthrough (it's blank at the moment because you're on the first page of the walkthrough). The right-hand side of the navigation bar links to the next page in the walkthrough. If you repeatedly click the right-hand link, you'll see every page in the walkthrough. The first centre link always takes you back to the walkthrough contents page. The 'help' link brings you back to this page - it appears in a new tab so you won't lose track of where you are in the walkthrough.