Introduction to the members' area

The member's area provides the following additions to the site visible to the public:

  • Pages restricted to U3A members. Private pages show a padlock in their title similar to this:
    Padlock symbol
    the actual appearance depends on the browser you are using.
  • Sections of pages visible only to U3A members; for example:
    • Group memberships
    • Sections of text marked 'private'
  • Services available only to U3A members; for example the ability to:
    • Look up another member's contact information (provided they've given permission)
    • List news, articles and events for┬áthe groups to which the member belongs
  • Services available only to authorised members; for example the ability to:
    • Email all the members, or just the members of a group
    • Add news, article and events
    • Maintain the list of groups

The rest of this walkthrough shows you to what's available in the members' area.