Finding out about groups

One of the first things a potential new member wants to know is "what activities can I join in with?"

The home page will link them to the groups pages.

The 'Groups' menu item has the following sub-menus:

  • Open groups - shows a list of groups that are either accepting new members or groups that allow U3A members to join in with their activities without prior arrangement. These are the groups that new - or existing - members can join.
  • Groups by activity - allows people to focus in on specific kinds of activity they might be interested in. The page lists activities like 'Art' or 'Outdoor', clicking any activity reveals a list of groups related to it. Any group can appear under multiple activities.
  • All groups - shows a simple, alphabetic list of all our active¬†groups. That's to allow them to register an interest in groups that are not currently accepting new members.
  • Start a new group - we are keen to learn about opportunities to start a new group and it may be that a potential new member has some useful expertise, so we use this page to lay out what's involved in starting a new group and the support available to new group leaders.

Note that when you log in you will see additional group listing options.

Each of the group list pages shows entries like this...

Group list entry
Clicking the 'More' link at the right hand side shows the detailed group page. This shows a more detailed description of the group's activities and allows you to find out more about what the group gets up to.