Membership administration

Our membership database is held by our web site subject to our privacy policy.

To help those who administer the database, we provide several, password-protected services:

  • An enhanced version of the member's profile page that allows administrators to modify any member's details on their behalf, as well as some additional data that members cannot change themselves.
  • Progress monitors allowing administrators to keep track of:
    • New joiner forms
    • Renewal forms
    • Changes to opt-ins and out-outs to the printed version of the HIU3A newsletter
  • A service to record member's subscriptions
  • A page to record information about each new HIU3A year, including: start date and the fees schedule
  • A set of reports to:
    • Help the administrators
    • Inform the HIU3A committee
    • Provide the Third Age Trust with magazine addressees
    • Produce mailing labels for the HIU3A newsletter