News and articles

The site allows us to create news items and articles.

Like most pages on the site, both news items and articles can contain a mix of formatted text, photos, images, videos, links to documents and web pages.

News items and articles can be linked to:

  • The home page; you can see them under the 'News & articles' menu
  • A group; you can get to them via the group's page
  • Multiple groups; you can link an article to more than one group (for example, an article on Scrabble would be relevant to all the Scrabble groups)
  • One or more groupsĀ and the home page - useful for items that are created by a group but which are relevant to all U3A members

News items typically appear in lists like this:

News item


You can see the first few lines of the item, but, if there are more than just a few lines, you'll see a 'Continue reading' link that will show you the full text of the item.

Articles are listed in a summary page that looks like this:

Article summary

Featured articles have a longer expected lifetime so are pinned to the top of the list. 'Normal' articles appear next, most recent first. Finally you can go back to out-of-date articles by clicking the 'Archived articles' heading to see a list of archived articles.

Clicking the title of any article shows you the full text of that article. Here's an example of an article about bike security:

Sample article