News for members of the Birds and wildlife group

HIU3A: Birds & wildlife winter programme ideas?

As a visits group, the winter period gives the Birds and Wildlife group a couple of challenges:

  1. Birds and wildlife aren't as visible as in the warmer months
  2. The weather is less hospitable for humans too

So, I'm looking for ideas of where to go over the next six months, or so. It's an obvious opportunity to see some birds in local waters that we don't see at other times, and I'll be exploring the best times and places. I had also considered the possibility of a fungus walk but that could be a bit hit and miss, and would inevitably involve a visit to wooded areas with accessibility issues.

What do you think? Should we suspend activities besides occasional bird watching? Are there other winter visit possibilities? Please let me know your views.

Andy Henderson


Tomorrow's visit to Northney nature reserve

The weather forecast for tomorrow is not good. Forecasts have been known to be pessimistic, but they are also sometimes spot on!

I've had a chat with Shaun McCullagh and we've agreed to turn up at 2pm to see if it's worth running the session. Even if it is pouring, I'll be there to let people know what's happening.

If the event is a non-starter, we'll consider setting up a new date and time.


HIU3A Northney nature reserve visit

It looks like the weather will be OK for the Birds and Wildlife group on Monday. Please check your email and the web site before joining us, though, in case we have to cancel or postpone at the last minute.

We'll meet at the car park shown on the map here at 2pm. From there, there is a good quality path leading through the reserve. If you're a bit late, don't worry; I'm sure you'll be able to find us.

Click here for some suggestions for what to bring with you.

I will be cycling from West Town to the car park. Let me know if you'd like to ride with me.

We have one lady member who would like a lift from Ward Court on the Sea Front (near the Royal Shades). If you can help, please let me know.

Andy Henderson