Hayling Island - February Update 2

In this update:

  • A new way to get the newsletter
  • The Birds and Wildlife group is launched
  • Can you help with some new groups?
  • Bell Canto in concert
  • Sing out!

A new way to get the newsletter

The current newsletter is a significant cost to Hayling Island U3A. It also requires a lot of volunteer time and effort to package and deliver it to members.

We would therefore like you to consider reading it via the web site instead. From the next edition you will be able to read the newsletter as web pages, or you can print it off using your own printer - if you have one. To illustrate, we have put the Christmas newsletter on the web site - click here to see it.

We understand that reading material on a web site is not for everyone, but it does offer a number of benefits:

  • The newsletter consumes a significant amount of your annual subscription. If enough members use the online version instead of the printed one, we will be able to keep subscriptions down and, maybe, reduce them.
  • You'll get the newsletter faster - we'll notify you as soon as it is available.
  • You can increase the size of text and images if that makes reading easier for you. The web site will automatically adjust to the new size so you won't have to scroll left and right to read all the text. You can even have text read out to you. Click here to learn more.
  • The images are better quality. You can also click on most images to see a larger version.
  • Without space or layout restrictions, we can provide more images and supporting information.
  • You will see links to related web pages highlighted in red. Click any one to find out more.
  • Links to reference articles, such as group lists, are always up-to-date and provide more information than the printed version.
  • We can correct any errors or omissions immediately.
  • You can read the newsletter on any device attached to the internet including: Personal Computers, tablets and smart phones.
  • Over time we will build a library of past newsletters. You will be able to search the web site to find articles in both the current and previous newsletters.
  • No waste! You can feel good knowing you've done a little bit more to help protect the planet.

Feedback from people who have already seen the newsletter on the web site has been extremely positive - even from people that do not make much use of the internet. So please give it a try.

Unless we hear from you we will continue to send you the printed version of the newsletter. If, however, you can do without the printed version there is a simple form at the bottom of the newsletter page that allows you to opt out (and you can change your mind later).

The Birds and Wildlife group is launched

We have put an initial programme together which starts on Monday 20th March with a visit to the Northney nature reserve to spot wading birds and other birds on the reserve.

We will be accompanied by HIU3A member Shaun McCullagh, an experienced member of the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) who will help us identify the birds we see.

The group is open to all members. Some visits will be dependent on the tide and other factors that mean we will not be sticking to the same day or time each month. If the weather forecast is not good we will also postpone or cancel a visit. If you are interested, you should consider signing up as a group member to get emails keeping you up-to-date.

To find out more - including the latest on the programme and whether you are already on the email list - click here.

Can you help with some new groups?

We have had suggestions for two new groups. Ken Osbourne would like to know if you can help with either of them...

Table tennis

If anyone is willing to act as a Group Leader, it might be possible to have a U3A Table Tennis Group playing at the Community Centre at Hayling Park. The Leader would be responsible for ensuring that the equipment is looked after and put away properly. If anyone is willing to take this on, please get in touch with Ken Osborne, the Interest Group Co-ordinator.

Otherwise, it is possible to book a table at the Community Centre on an individual basis or join the Community Centre Table Tennis Group which meets on a Tuesday afternoon between 3.30 and 5.30. Also, a Table Tennis Group meets at Eastoke Community Centre on Thursday evenings between 7.30 and 10.30. For further details, please contact Ken Osborne.

Choir sing-along

Five members put their names on the list at the back of the Hall at the January meeting to express their interest in such a Group. We would need someone to lead it and an accompanist. If any more members are interested in such a Group and if anyone is willing to lead and/or accompany the singing, please contact Ken Osborne.

Bell Canto in concert

Bell Canto - our hand bells group - is once again joining with the Solent Fellowship band of the Salvation Army to perform a concert at the Hayling Island Community Centre in West Town at 7.30 on Friday 10th March.

Tickets are £7 and can be purchased from the Community Centre at any time it is open, or on the door on the evening of the concert.

All proceeds will go to the Community Centre brick appeal fund.

Contact Derek Dunn for more information.

Sing out!

The Ambassador Theatre Group’s West End Creative Learning team has created this one day bespoke event to bring together up to 150 U3A members from across the UK to enjoy the experience of working together with a professional West End Musical Director.

The group will fill the auditorium of a West End Theatre with a series of songs from various West End musicals. You’ll be taken through a series of warm-up exercises , spend time learning songs, working with the MD on vocal qualities, tone and harmonies in preparation for a recording of the pieces before the end of the day, a CD copy of which will be sent to you after the event.

Previous choir experience and the ability to read music is not necessary and the Sing Out is designed for all abilities and all voices.

The event takes place on May 1st 2017 and tickets cost £36.50 per person.

Click here for more details and a booking form.

Andy Henderson
Web Site Editor

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