Hayling Island U3A - May Update

We're reinstating the all-member email to remind you about next week's monthly meeting. While we're doing that, we're updating you with some items from the U3A web site.

In this update:

  • The rise and fall of Emma Hamilton
  • Visit booking online
  • If you forgot your web site username or password
  • Walking routes
  • Third Age Trust events
  • News from other organisations

The rise and fall of Emma Hamilton

The subject of next Thursday's monthly meeting is the dramatic story of one of the most remarkable women in English history. From rural poverty, Emma became the most painted woman in Europe, a fashion icon and pioneer of interpretive performance art. She was a dazzling hostess, the confidante of a queen, a heroine of the Napoleonic wars and the lover (some say nemesis) of Britain’s greatest naval hero. Discover how she rose so astronomically only to crash so catastrophically.

There's more information about the meeting - and our speaker Bob France - on the web site.

You can see more about our forthcoming monthly meetings on the web site. Click or tap 'Visits' under the 'Events' menu.

Visit booking online

We've introduced a new system that allows you to:

  1. Book visits online
  2. Check details about visits you have booked

We'll start taking bookings for the Bombay Sapphire distillery visit at Thursday's monthly meeting. The same evening you will also be able to book via the web site. You will see a 'Your bookings' section at the bottom of the page. If you are not logged in to the members' area you will see a link that takes you to the log in page and then back to the visit page. If you are logged in to the members' area you'll see a simple form for booking yourself and and other members (your spouse, for example). Having made your booking the site will let you know how to pay and will send you those details via email.

If you have booked the visit, the web site will show your booking in the 'Your bookings' section regardless of how you made your booking. So, if you have booked the Runnymede river trip, you can check the status of your booking, your chosen pick up point, and the time you are due to be picked up. The trip is fully booked, but you can add yourself - and any other member - to the waiting list via the web site.

You can find out more about the booking system - including some pictures of the new system in the site walkthrough.

If you forgot your web site username or password

We sent all members their username and password when we launched the site last year. New members are issued with usernames and passwords when they join.

Your username is log in to the members' area to see your user id.

The way passwords are stored in the web site means no-one, not even the site administrators can retrieve your password. Instead, you can change your password for a new one. There is a web site article that explains what to do if you forget your username or password.

Walking routes

The walking group has started recording the route taken by each of our walks so members can do the same walks in their own time. Each walk is circular and usually starts and ends at a pub that serves good food. Most walk descriptions provide parking advice, the walk distance and an indication of the type of surface (including the number of stiles). At the bottom of the walk description you will see a button to show a map of the route we took. If you have a smart phone or GPS, you can also download a GPX file to show the route on your device.

To find a list of available routes, click or tap 'Articles' under the 'News & articles' menu to see a Walking routes article.

Third Age Trust events

The Third Age Trust organises occasional events on behalf of all U3A members. These can be:

  • A special occurrence of a public event that we can attend at a significant discount and/or with a 'behind the scenes' presentation
  • One-off events arranged specially for us

We show details of each event in the News area of the site together with details of how to make a booking. To see the events and other news of general interest, click 'News' under the 'News & articles' menu.

News from other organisations

From time to time we get messages from other organisations that might interest you. We post them in the web site forums. You can see them by clicking the 'Forums' menu entry.

We plan to send this email on the week-end before each monthly meeting. If you have something you'd like to include please let me know.

Andy Henderson
Web site editor, Hayling Island U3A

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