The rise and fall of Emma Hamilton

Emma HamiltonThe dramatic story of one of the most remarkable women in English history. From rural poverty, Emma became the most painted woman in Europe, a fashion icon and pioneer of interpretive performance art. She was a dazzling hostess, the confidante of a queen, a heroine of the Napoleonic wars and the lover (some say nemesis) of Britain’s greatest naval hero. Discover how she rose so astronomically only to crash so catastrophically.

Since retiring from a career running large IT departments, Bob France has been able to indulge his passion for history. He is a National Trust volunteer at both Petworth and Uppark Houses, where he is a tour guide, gives talks and does Costume Interpretation. His costumed alter egos include Georgian and Victorian butlers, a French chef and a land steward.

Bob's fascination with Emma Hamilton began at Uppark, where she spent a short but highly formative period, which included learning how to dance in a state of undress on dining room tables!