Progress to 19 October

Some more progress to report:

  • I’ve met with Bryan and we’ve agreed how we will integrate the web site with his database. I’ve written and tested a utility that Bryan can use to:
    • Create new member logins on the web site from data held in the database
    • Copy changes to name and contact details made by members through the web site down to the database; the utility tracks changes in case errors need to be reversed.
    • Determine when updates need to be made to the database or web site re: lapsed or deceased members
  • I’ve had a go at the first draft of several pages:
  • I’ve agreed with the following to provide material for other pages:
    • Derek Dunn – History
    • Thelma Cook – Monthly meetings and associated event pages
    • Bryan Bowen – Join us (I’ll be creating a simple sign up form so people can submit their details online)
  • I’ll approach Karen Walker for material for the Other U3As page
  • I’ll be producing drafts of the following pages:
  • I’ve asked all group leaders to provide me with – at least minimal – information about their groups. I’ve had several replies and I’ve created initial pages for each one. The Reading 2 group deserves a special mention (try clicking through to their forthcoming events). I’ll chase when I get back from holiday.
  • I’ve been collecting suitable articles for inclusion in the home page. You can see the ones I’ve collected so far here. Note that the Bike security article is an example of one that is linked to both a group page (Cycling in this case) and the home page. I’ll be generating some ‘How to’ articles shortly:
    • How to add, change and remove groups
    • How group leaders can add group members and appoint group editors
    • How to add, change and remove events, articles and news items
    • How to keep members in touch with what’s happening
    • How to incorporate photos and photo libraries
    • How members can update their profile held by the web site (includes name, contact details, disclosure preferences and email preferences)
  • I will also create some developer notes for the benefit of people (including me) that want to develop the site further.

My current objective is to have the site ready for switch over at the end of next month. Sue is arranging for me to present the new site to: yourselves; the committee; and the group leaders.

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