Privacy policy

Any personal information you provide to us is held on the understanding that the information should not be divulged to any person or organisation unless solely necessary for the operation of this U3A. We comply with the Data Protection Act and - in particular - the data protection principles.

Non-member data

We invite you to register interest in groups that are not currently accepting new members. That allows us to get back to you if there is a vacancy in that or a similar group. You can, at any time, ask a site editor to remove your details from the web site.

Member data

To provide members with access to the web site we hold a name, id, password and email address. For members that do not have an email address, or do not want to provide one, we store a dummy address that our pages interpret as 'missing' (the software we use requires everyone to have an email address).

All other personal information held by this web site is optional. Members don't have to provide additional information but it helps with running the U3A if they do.

The only personal information disclosed to the public is the name and phone number (if supplied) for group leaders; and the names of committee members and others that help with organising the U3A. This allows people to learn more about our activities before joining the U3A.

A number of pages on this web site provide an option to email a member like this. The email mechanism does not disclose the member's email address. It also incorporates protection against spammers repeatedly using the link.

Otherwise, members use their profile page to control which other members see their personal information. Members can:

  • prevent their information being disclosed to any other members
  • allow disclosure only to people that share membership of a group
  • allow disclosure to all members

Regardless of this setting, emergency contact information is disclosed to group leaders in case there's a problem during one of our activities.

If you are concerned about any aspect of our privacy policy or the way we implement it in this web site, please let us know.