Reading 2

Availability: Currently closed to new members

Group leader: Jen Cayley - Contact Jen

This group is not currently accepting new members. If you would like to join this or a similar group, please register your interest. That will allow us to notify you if a place becomes available. If enough people register an interest we will try to create a new group.

We meet at 10.30 am on the first Tuesday of each month. Members take it in turn to host meetings at which we discuss the book we have been reading over the month since we last met. We choose books up to a year in advance from the list of sets of books for reading groups held by the library. There are 10 books per set; large print and spoken word versions of many books are available for readers with visual disabilities. The library charges £40/annum which works out at £4 per member per year. I circulate a newsletter every month looking at any recent or forthcoming national or local literature related events of interest eg book prizes, literary festivals, book publication. Members are encouraged to make reading choices outside their usual "comfort zone" to benefit from widening their experience.