Hayling Island U3A - February Update

In this update...

  • Home Lad, Home: The war horse story
  • Changes to the 'Card making & paper craft' groups
  • U3A summer schools - 2017
  • How to: Make and review your U3A visit booking

Home Lad, Home: The war horse story

Gill Clarke - Visiting Professor at the Otter Gallery University of Chichester - will present at Thursday's monthly meeting: 16th February, 2:00 at the Hayling Island Community Centre.

She'll tell us of the horses' journey from peacetime through to their vital wartime role as cavalry mounts, pulling artillery and ambulances or carrying ordnance and supplies, and how the British war effort was heavily dependent on horse power.

Changes to the 'Card making & paper craft' groups

Anne Hollis has started a third group which will meet at 2.30 on the Tuesday before the first Wednesday of the month. That allows Anne to run the three groups on consecutive afternoons and mornings.

At the same time, she has reorganised membership of the groups so that:

Click any of the links above to see more details of each group and to contact Anne if you'd like to join her.

U3A summer schools - 2017

The U3A Trust has announced its 2017 summer schools programme. This year the schools will take place at Newport, Shropshire and Cirencester and there are a wide variety of courses available.

Click here to see more details, including costs and booking information.

How to: Make and review your U3A visit booking

The web site allows you to book your visits online and - even if you didn't book online - you can review your booking to check whether you have paid, and to get pickup details.

To see visit details, use the menus at the top of each page in our web site to select 'Events' and 'Visits'. Right now you will see a link to the Beaulieu visit - which still has some seats available - in the body of the page and in the 'Forthcoming events' section shown either on the right of the page or at the bottom of the page (depending on the device you use). Links to other events will appear later in the year.

At the bottom of the Beaulieu visit description you will see a 'Your bookings' section. It tells you how many places are left. If you are not logged in to the members' area, it provides a link that will log you in (click here if you have forgotten your username or password) and return you to the visit page. If you are logged in to the members' area you will see:

  • Details of any bookings you have made, or that have been made on your behalf. The page tells you whether your payment has been received and reminds you which pickup point you requested and the time of the pickup.
  • A simple form that allows you to make a new booking for yourself (if you haven't booked already) or for any other member. For example, one person can make a booking for themself and their husband or wife.

Note that you should allow time for your manual bookings and payments to be processed before the web site is updated.

This feature is described in more detail together with other web site features in the online web site walkthrough.

We send this email on the week-end before each monthly meeting. If you have something you'd like to include please let me know.

Andy Henderson
Web site editor, Hayling Island U3A