How to: Update group details and add a new group

This note describes the simple forms we use to add and update group details. It does that using the following sections:

  • Change group details
  • Add a new group
  • Delete a group

Change group details

We provide this simple form to allow group editors (usually, but not necessarily group leaders), site editors (including the group coordinator) and site administrators to change group details - click the image to see a larger version:

To get to this page:

  • Log in to the site
  • Navigate to a group page
  • If you are authorised, you'll see a 'Change group details' button immediately below the group title; click it to see the above form.

The detailed description box works in the same way as most word processors and email programs. Click in the box and start typing. The normal editing keys (Del, Backspace, arrow keys) work in the usual way. You can select parts of the text and use the toolbar buttons to make it bold, italic etc. Use the bullet buttons to start bulleted or numbered lists and use them again to revert to normal text.

There's more information about using the text box (including adding images and links) here.

Hopefully, the rest of the form is self-explanatory. Let Andy know if you need help with it.

Add a new group

This procedure requires special access. It should be implemented by a site editor (including the group coordinator) or a site admin.

Having logged in to the site, use menu options: Member services / Group services / Add a new group to see the 'Add a new group' page.

The page is identical to the 'Update group information' page (see above) except that when you add one or more group leaders you choose from all HIU3A members, not just group members.

Also, when you add a group, the system automatically:

  • Adds the selected group leader(s) as group member(s)
  • Adds the selected group leader(s) as group editor(s)
  • Adds categories matching the new group for:
    • Posts (articles)
    • News items
    • Events

The system shows you the new group page when your addition is successful. From here you can add any additional members and editors. There is more information about maintaining group members and editors here.

Depending on the group leader's expertise and inclination, you might be asked to complete the initial group page by setting up a set of meetings (events) and, possibly, news items and articles.

Delete a group

To deactivate a group, simply change use the simple form described above to change its status to 'No longer meeting' which removes it from all group lists.

It you are sure the group will not be restarted, you can delete it completely. Site administrators can:

  1. Go to the main group page and delete all linked members and editors
  2. From the main group page, review all the linked articles and news items and, for each, do one of:
    1. Click the Edit button and the 'Move to Bin' in the Publish box to delete it
    2. Untick the group in the Categories box and tick a new group to re-assign the item to that group
    3. If the item is linked to multiple groups, simply untick the group you are about to remove in the Categories box
  3. Go to the Events page in the Dashboard and review all the remaining events for the group you are about to delete (they will be past events so will not be visible from the group page) and perform one of the actions listed above
  4. Delete the group's category from each of Events, Posts and News items
  5. Finally, delete the group itself from the Groups list in the Dashboard