Why you can't reply directly to some of our emails

You might receive an email with a big blue box that warns you about replying without changing the reply address.

Why is that?

Two reasons:

  1. Our email provider - Amazon - requires us to register all the email addresses we use to send email. It's impractical to do that for all members. It does, however, allow us to send using any email address ending in @hayling.org.
  2. Internet Service Providers are increasingly insisting that emails sent using their domains (such as gmail.com) must come from one of their servers. If we use one of their email addresses to send mail from our web site, it will probably be rejected.

We can send and receive emails using any valid address ending in @haylingu3a.org so there's no problem replying to messages coming from any of those addresses, and you don't see the warning.

When composing a reply to a message with the 'blue box', you can select the highlighted address in the warning message and paste it into the reply address. You can also right click the highlighted address, select 'Copy link' (or similar) and paste that into the reply address.

If you want to start a completely new conversation with the sender, you can normally click/tap the sender's name in the warning message.

If you forget to change the reply address so you reply to emailer@haylingu3a.org, we try to determine who you meant to reply to and, if we can, we forward it on for you. We will, in any case, send you an email to let you know whether we were able to forward it, or not.