Simple way to update HIU3A groups & a request for photos

In this note to group leaders:

  • Simpler way to update groups
  • Photos for the home page

Simpler way to update groups

Up until now, you've had to use a WordPress edit page to change details about your group(s). That had a lot of irrelevant options which could make it difficult to see what you had to do.

We've implemented a simple online form that replaces the the edit page. You can see an example here. To get to the form, log in to the HIU3A site and go to your group page. You'll see a new 'Change group details' button immediately below the group's title. Click it to see the new form.

Make your changes and click the 'Submit your change' button at the bottom of the form.

If you need it, there's a 'how to' document about updating groups in the articles section of the site here.

Please let me know if you need any further help or have suggestions for improvement.

Photos for the home page

I'm on the hunt for some new photos for our home page. I'm interested in showing the breadth of what we do, so photos of any activities welcome. I'm particularly interested, however, in more coverage of our indoor activities such as book groups.

Note that the box available for photos in the home page is deliberately narrow so it doesn't obscure the important stuff below it. That means your photo should be landscape but, even if you use a phone, I'll still have to crop the image to get it to fit. So, when framing your picture leave plenty of space at the top, bottom, or both.

You can see an example of a home page image here to give you an idea of the shape it has to fit into.


Andy Henderson
Hayling Island u3a web site editor