Simple way to add news and articles to groups

Note to group leaders...

Following on from the simplified group page, I have developed a simpler form for adding news items and articles to your group(s) which replaces the WordPress editing page. You can see an example here.

I have also:

  • given the links to add items to your group more prominence on your group page.
  • used the same simplified form to allow you to change and delete news items and articles

To see the new form in action, log in to the site and either:

  • click the 'Add a news item or article to this group' link at the top of your group page; or
  • click the 'Update or delete' button in the heading of any news item or article linked to your group.

You can find out more about the simplified form here.

If you need a feature of the more sophisticated WordPress editing page - such as the ability to reverse a previous change - you can still reach it via the site dashboard.

Please let me know if you encounter any issues with the new form.

Andy Henderson
Hayling Island u3a web site editor

PS If you were wondering about the event editing page - currently used to add group meetings, for example - I have plans to simplify that too.