Progress to 6 September

Here's a summary of recent progress...

I've added:

  • The ability to work with registrations of interest in closed groups. You can see the prompt at: . Members of the public have to negotiate an 'I am not a robot' challenge which will minimise spam responses. The group leader(s) is/are notified of new registrations by email. An email '' is also notified; I anticipate this will go to the group coordinator (but could be several people). Interest registrations are available for review by:
    • A link shown to group leaders on the group page (if there are any registrations for the group)
    • Via menu option 'Member services / Membership admin / Registrations of interest' - group leaders see registrations for the groups they lead; site editors and admins see all registrations
  • Forums. This feature allows us to create forums on any subject (group forums are an obvious possibility) and conduct discussions on different topics in each forum. For example, the Cycling Group could discuss possible destinations in advance of each ride. Forums can be visible to the public or restricted to members only (try going to when logged-in and when logged-out.

That completes the bulk of the development I can do for now. So I'm now focusing on capturing the content we need to put the site live.

Still to do:

  • Finalise colour scheme
  • Operational data maintenance, enquiry and reporting (subject to discussion with Bryan)
  • Documentation
    • Walkthrough
    • 'How to's
    • Developer
  • Data capture
    • Members
    • Groups
    • News
    • Articles
    • Events
    • Pages

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