Art Appreciation

Availability: No longer meeting

This group has been running since the foundation of our U3A. Over that time, the art we have discussed has ranged, in period, from the Early Renaissance to the latest exhibitions, and, in style, from the realism of Constable to the abstract art of the 1840s. Besides meetings where we have a presentation of an artist or school of the speaker's choice, we also watch a few videos and visit art and sculpture exhibitions.
Lances Hill 1997
David Hockney - Lances Hill 1997

We are trying to learn more about art and artists, as a self help group. At each meeting, one of our members gives a presentation on a subject of their own choosing. The internet is a very useful resource and provides most of the text and pictures for our presentations. The Hampshire library system also has much useful material. We expect all members to play an active part in the presentations.

Contact me if you are interested.