Hayling Island u3a - July update

In this update

  • How do you take yours?
  • Even more email improvements

How do you take yours?

Jane Glennie returns with another of her entertaining theatrical monologues. Set at the end of rationing in 1953, etiquette enthusiast Mrs Cox gives advice on how to make a proper cup of tea as well as the correct way to drink it. Amongst the tips, hear tales of gruesome deaths, smuggling, poisoning and gossip to find out the secret history of the Nation’s favourite drink.

Jane will present at our monthly meeting next Thursday, 20th July at 2pm.

Even more email improvements

You can now email selected members of your group(s). That's much easier than raising individual emails. More details here.

If you have given us an email address, people can now email you at xxx@haylingu3a.org where xxx is replaced by your username (you probably use it to log in to the site). We will pass emails sent to your HIU3A address on to you automatically. That's particulaly useful for group leaders who can mail their members and get replies without needing the 'blue box'. More details here.

We've used a 'honeytrap' mechanism to turn the robotic nature of spammers against them. It's already managed to prevent a lot of spam going through our contact forms.

Andy Henderson
Hayling u3a web site editor