Improvement to group emails

Note sent to all group leaders...

When you use the web site to send an email to your group members, you will now see the site suggesting a different sending email address.

The new address looks like where xxx is your login username. The site will suggest it if you don't already use a HIU3A address.

This has several benefits:

  • Your members won't see the 'blue box' instructing them to change the reply address.
  • They can reply to you by clicking the email's 'Reply' button - no messing about. The site will automatically forward the replies to your personal address.
  • Both your email and any replies are sent using the high reputation Amazon web servers using the highest possible authentication - maximising the chance the emails get through to your inbox.

You can, if you want, overwrite the new suggestion with your personal email address - but the blue box will be back.

I'm sending this to group leaders but the same mechanism applies to any member emailing their group. Please pass this note on to anyone in your group who uses that facility.

It also applies to anyone sending bulk emails; for example: all group leaders; defaulters; and members with a visit booking.

Please let me know if you encounter an issue with this new feature or if you have any questions.

Andy Henderson