Hayling Island U3A - February update

In this update:

  • The weird, the wild & the wonderful part 3
  • It's subscription time
  • From Maura Chapman
  • Spring newsletter
  • Kew visit
  • Collectors group
  • February walk
  • Merging names in U3A emails

The weird, the wild & the wonderful part 3

We've heard parts 1 and 2 of Andrew Negus' talks - now it's time for part 3 of his adventures and experiences while travelling around the world in 1991.

Members who have heard him speak before will testify that Andrew is an amusing and interesting speaker - well worth attending.

More details here.

It's subscription time

It's been a while, but it's now time to renew your annual subscription for 2020/21 which is due by March 31st. The fee is £15 for full members, or £12 for associate members.

Thank-you to everyone who has done that already.

If you haven't paid yet, you have two options:

  1. We will be collecting cash and cheque payments at the next two monthly meetings (there will be two tables - please make sure you are at the right one before starting to queue)
  2. If you can't make the meetings, or if you want to pay by bank transfer, please complete the really simple form here to get details of how to pay, and help us manage the payment process

If you know someone that doesn't pick up emails and who doesn't attend the monthly meetings please let them know subscriptions are due and that cheques should be made out to "Hayling Island U3A" - log in to see the address they should be posted to.

That will help reduce the time and effort required from Peter Haskell to chase up missing subscriptions.

Note that there is no need to complete a new application form for renewals.

From Maura Chapman

Maura writes:

I would like to thank everyone for their messages of sympathy, flowers and cards. Your support and kindness is very much appreciated.

Maura Chapman

Spring newsletter

The Spring newsletter will be coming out in April - it's not too late to submit articles to Sue Galley.

We will be experimenting with distributing printed copies of the newsletter via group leaders as well as the monthly meetings.

If you are happy to receive just the electronic version of the newsletter and haven't opted your household out from the printed version, you can opt out now via the membership section of your online profile.

Kew visit

We are still taking bookings for our visit to Kew Gardens on Wednesday 6th May. There are more details and an online booking form here.

You can also book and pay for the visit at the monthly meeting.

There are details of the following visit to Bournemouth Air Festival on Friday 21st August here. We can't take bookings, however, until the Kew visit has taken place.

Collectors group

The first meeting of the Collectors group takes place at 2.30 on Tuesday 18th February (this coming Tuesday). It will include a talk entitled "Once I bought a sewing machine" featuring a collection of Sewing Machine related ephemera.

There are limited places available. If you would like to attend (and aren't already a member of the group) please contact Peter May.

February walk

On 24th February we will be walking around Emsworth. If you know it only by driving through, you have a treat in store as we explore some of the green spaces the town has to offer.

More details here. All members welcome, no need to book.

Merging names in U3A emails

When two members shared the same email address, we used to send each one a copy of relevant emails reasoning that each could delete their own copy when they had read it. I suspected, however, that this might have contributed to some emails going to 'spam' or 'junk'.

For the last two months we have been merging those emails so - when appropriate - we send only one copy per email address (which name goes first being chosen at random). I hope that's not been a problem for you.

If you are still finding U3A emails are going to 'spam' or 'junk', this article explains what is happening and the final section provides some step-by-step instructions for tackling the problem.

Andy Henderson,
Web site editor, Hayling U3A