Our reading of informed advice from Public Health England is that we should not walk in large groups or visit pubs and restaurants. We want to minimise the impact of Coronavirus on the caring services, and a large group will not be welcome in places like Emsworth. We therefore ask that you do not turn up for the walk unannounced. If you would like to walk, please let us know using the link below. We can then take a view, given numbers, as to whether and how we can continue. We will, in any case, not be stopping for lunch. 

Contact Catherine and Andy.

We'll meet in the car park next to Station Road - as usual - at 9.30am to share lifts.

We'll then go to the South Street car park in Emsworth, PO10 7EG. Cost for 3 hours is £2.40.

We will start the walk at 10, going via Lumley Mill, eastwards and then south to meet the main A259 at Tuppenny Lane. Cross the A259 to continue southwards and the west towards The Deck, where we can stop for refreshments.

We will return to the car park via Slipper Millpond. Be prepared for some mud on this walk.

This is the planned route:

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Download the GPX file