How to: Add an attachment to web site emails

When you send an email to...

  • Members of one or more groups
  • All group leaders
  • Members booked on a visit
  • Members that haven't paid their subscriptions

… you will see an option to add an attachment to your email.

Click any of these headings to learn more about the facility...

You can send an image or photo as long as the file name ends in one of:

  • png
  • jpg
  • jpeg
  • gif

You can also send any document created as a 'PDF' - file names end in 'pdf'.

For example, you might want to attach a Word document.

The problem with other types of document is that your recipients might not have the software needed to open them. All commonly used email readers include the capability to open PDF documents and there is also a free, PDF reader available here.

Most (all?) document creation tools have an option to save a document as a PDF. For example, Microsoft Word and Excel include that option when saving a document.

2 megabytes (2MB).

You can easily re-size photos and other images using one of several, free web sites. For example, this one allows you to: re-size, crop and rotate your picture.

When you create a PDF file you can usually control the resulting size. For example, when you use Microsoft Office to save a document as a PDF you will see a 'More options' link that allows you to choose between 'Standard' and 'Minimum' sizing options. You could also resize any images included with your document or cut out some images altogether.

You can also send files in other ways. You can:

  • Send links to documents from other web sites. For example, if a restaurant provides a menu at web site address, the following text in your email...
    [link Click here]
    … will link to the menu from the text "Click here".
  • Send links from our web site. If you go to the site dashboard (there's a link to the dashboard at the bottom of every page once you have logged-in to the site), you can upload a file to the site using the 'Media' tab. The site will give you an address for your uploaded file. You can then link to the file from your email using [link web-address text to link from] as above.
  • Create a document on the web site - for example a news item from a group and send the document as an email (using 'Message post id' instead of 'Subject' and 'Message'). Any links you include in your document will also appear in your email.

Note that we strongly suggest you use the option to send your email to a test address before sending the final version out to members. That way you can be sure the resulting email appears as you intended it.

If any of the above restrictions causes you a problem, please contact us.