Hosting a Zoom meeting

This note explains how to get a copy of the Zoom software and use it to create an online meeting.

Download Zoom

If you want to host meetings using Zoom then you will need to download the ‘Zoom Client for Meetings’ application, this will allow you to schedule your own meetings and you can also use it to join in other meetings. We suggest you download the app from the Zoom download page as there are other apps that pretend to be Zoom and it's not always easy to tell the difference.

If you find yourself in a list of apps, the one you want is called ‘Zoom Client Meetings’ and has a logo like the one on the right. Install the application and follow the instructions to create a free or paid account. The free version has a time limit of 40 minutes, but you can always sign out and back in again to continue if you wish. The alternative is to pay for one of the various Plans that Zoom offers.

Create a new meeting

Run the Zoom application you downloaded and you will see this screen:

Click 'Sign In' and you will see this screen:

When you enter your email and password and click 'Sign In' to see this screen:

Here you can select to:

  • Create a new meeting
  • Schedule a meeting in the future and
  • Join a meeting.

I will leave you to explore these options, which are easy to follow.

Share your screen

The 'share screen' option shown during a Zoom meeting or the Zoom application allows the host or any participant to share their desktop or an open window. For example, if someone wants to use a PowerPoint presentation they open the presentation on their computer, click on ‘Share Screen’ and select the PowerPoint window to share it. Everyone in the meeting will see the presentation and follow it as the presenter moves from slide to slide.

As the host, you can prevent participants from using this feature.

It's usually best to share a window rather than your entire desktop to prevent alerts intruding on your presentation. It can get confusing, however. If, for example, you share a Windows Explorer window containing a list of images and click an image the other participants won't see the image because it displays in a new window - not the one you are sharing.

Start your meeting

Run the Zoom application and sign in as shown above.

When you created your meeting you set up a meeting ID and Passcode. Click 'Join' to see:

Enter your meeting ID and your name and click 'Join' to see:

Enter your meeting's passcode to start it. Participants will join automatically.