Group report

I have spent most of my life living outside of the UK – mostly in Australia. Upon returning to England a year ago I joined the U3A Tuesday morning bridge activity and am so pleased I did.

Vera Smith, who runs the bridge morning, has encouraged bridge players of differing levels of play to meet and help each other to learn from each other as they play. I found it to be a very welcoming, relaxed, informal atmosphere, and as a player of some 20 years I hope that I am able to contribute by giving some useful guidance to the beginners in the group.

In Australia the bridge players do not utilise the standard Acol method of play as much as here in the UK. They play as much “5 card majors” and “precision” as they do Acol. I partnered a lady who insisted on a “schenken” strong one club opener, I didn’t argue with her as she was from South Africa and was trained in the use of small firearms (she used to own a handgun in SA!!).

My wife and I feel very settled in Hayling Island, and it is due, not only to the friendly Island residents, but also to the welcoming nature of the U3A members. If anyone is thinking of learning/playing bridge, I would urge them to contact Vera regarding the Tuesday sessions.

Terry Downs.

This is an article published in the Summer 2019 edition of the Hayling Island U3A newsletter

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