Group report

As a group we managed to meet in March prior to lockdown little knowing that the next few months were going to be so restrictive. When I realised that we wouldn't be meeting for a while I set about designing cards that could be completed at home putting together card kits which I delivered out to everyone.

This was lovely because it did mean that I could catch up with some of the group as they received their kits from me on their doorstep. In August when it appeared that although Covid hadn't gone away but that it seemed to be under control I invited the groups (I run 3 groups with a maximum of 6 people to a group) an opportunity of meeting up to make a card together. I purchased face shields, disinfectant wipes and hand gels and designed cards that required little sharing of equipment.


Some decided that they would like to do this and others felt it was too soon for them to socialise. We met in August. In fact each group was small so I could easily offer working space which adhered to the guidelines, the chatter and banter that went on over these 3 small sessions was lovely, many of the group live alone and really enjoyed the social interaction.

I offered the same in September when we started our Christmas cards. I have designed 5 different Christmas cards and 2 types of tags to put onto presents. As you can see from the photograph everything that is required to make each card is packed into an individual basket so there is very little (if any) sharing of equipment. On arrival hands are sanitised and face shields donned and then they have a choice of 2 large workstations where they can sit and make their card for the day and if there is time a tag as well. These sessions have been welcomed by those that have decided to attend and I look forward to seeing those who are still self-isolating when the time is right for them.

Anne Hollis

This is an article published in the Autumn 2020 edition of the Hayling Island U3A newsletter .

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