RSPB Pulborough Brooks

If you want to car share, meet at 9.45 in the West Town car park in Station Road. Otherwise we'll meet you there around 11-o-clock.

We'll have the opportunity to spot a wide range of different birds at the site. Access to the reserve, nature trails and hides is £5 per person. Full use of the facilities entails quite a bit of walking - we'll decide how much we want to do when we get there.

Shaun McCullagh was originally planning to join us but, unfortunately he can't make it on this occasion.

The RSPB shop at the reserve has a range of bird-spotting aids and equipment on show. You can try spotter scopes, tripods and binoculars before you buy. You can make a purchase on site or through the RSPB web site.

There is a reasonable café on site so as many as want to can lunch together. Members can obviously stay as long as they want.

Click here for more information about RSPB Pulborough Brooks. Click here for some suggestions of what to bring with you.