Science & technology group report

This group is open to all who wish to hear about anything science-related and for that there is a nominal charge of £2 on the door to help towards the hall hire and refreshments.

Venue: St Patrick’s Church Hall, meeting 4th Wednesday of the month.

There are 43 Members of this group and there is 50% average attendance.

This year we have had a presentations about:

  • Superconductors
  • Is this the Future of Farming? From the Laboratory and not the field!
  • A supercomputer in your Pocket: Mobile Phone
  • A Mathematical Story: Why Sunday walks around the city in 1736 became a new set of Mathematics

Coming up in the next session we have topics such as:

  • Wasps - love them or hate them, we need them.
  • he Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) space mission - Hitting an Asteroid Head On.
  • Radar: From its beginnings to current applications.
  • Electromagnetic radiation do we need to worry?

There is always an urgent requirement to find speakers to come and give us a presentation. Reaching out to the local u3a’s has given us another source of speakers, but they are also very limited. So if anyone has any contacts or topics they can present, then please contact me.

Bob Hornby

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