Photography group report

We have decided to rename the group. It is now the Photography group rather than Digital photography group.

We continue to present prints from randomly selected topics.

This little fella was taken to represent Textures.

I also submitted this to u3a Eye competition and was so thrilled when it was shortlisted.

In May we are going to be looking at textures in nature. Hopefully the month of May will give us plenty of opportunities to be out and about to enjoy our surroundings and good weather.

In addition we choose four letters of the alphabet and present four 6x4 prints. It is always fun to see how the letters are interpreted through photography.

At our meetings after presenting our prints in the first half of the meeting we have an opportunity to discuss what cameras that we use, share ideas and bring our cameras to the meetings to try new ideas.

Although we do not teach how to use your camera hopefully it is an environment where we can learn from each other.

Mobile phones are now so sophisticated that more of us are using phones and cameras.

I have only been leading the group since January and hope that my enthusiasm for photography will promote others to be as enthusiastic. At this point I would like to thank Wendy Wildey who was the previous group leader. I am pleased to say that Wendy remains a member of the group.

If anybody is interested in joining us please come to one of our meetings and see if this is a group that could interest you. We currently have space for at least two more members.

Sue Wakely

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