U3A group event programme

Dear group leader,

We are coming to the end of the U3A year so it's time to review the group event programme we keep on the web site. This note sets out the procedure for doing that. It also suggests a way to get around the latest email anti-spam 'feature' that has the potential to irritate our members.

The online event programme allows people to:

  • See forthcoming meetings and events:
    • on your group page
    • in the web site's calendar
    • in members' personalised calendars in the web site
  • Automatically include your events in their electronic diaries
  • Look for times to arrange new meetings and events that minimise clashes with existing ones

If your group has regular meetings and they do not each need separate descriptions, I can add them for you. If I don't hear from you by Friday, September 28th I'll assume you are happy for me to do that. I will, however, exclude dates that are close to Christmas or New Year. I'll add dates up to September next year. Next September I'll ask again about dates through to March 2020 so we realign the review with the new HIU3A year start date.

If you have specific information you would like to record for each meeting, there's information for how to do that here or, if you let me have the details, I will add the events for you.

Companies that process emails fight a continuous war against spam. Unfortunately some of that activity gets in the way of legitimate emails.

As a result of previous blockages we now ensure that all emails sent from our web site use 'haylingu3a.org' email addresses. If you send an email to your group with your personal email address, we send it from emailer@haylingu3a.org and instruct the recipient's email software to send replies to your address. Unfortunately some software developers have chosen to ignore this feature and replies are going to emailer@haylingu3a.org, not your address. When that happens we send the member an email explaining the problem and asking them to use your address as provided in the original email. That is obviously irritating, and you might be hearing some negative feedback as a result.

To get around the issue, I can create a 'haylingu3a.org' email address for you. When you send your group emails, there will be no conflict between the 'from' and 'reply to' addresses. When we receive replies to your new email address we will forward them on to you existing email address automatically. There is nothing for you to do at your end, and no cost to HIU3A. Just let me know if you would like a 'haylingu3a.org' email address.

Andy Henderson
Web site editor
Hayling Island U3A