Threat detected...

For a while, Avast anti-virus reported - incorrectly - that this web site was unsafe! Avast has since corrected the error. If the issue returns, the rest of this note explains how to get round the problem.

Unfortunately, people suffering this issue won't see this message so, if you hear of someone having problems, please send them a link to this page on my company's web site (which is not subject to the Avast block):

The page explains the problem and how to fix it.

It is important that they do not Google the issue and try to implement the procedures described there. 'URL:mal' shown in the Avast message means that our server is on a blacklist held by Avast. There is nothing anyone can do to remove the message by downloading a software program or calling a 'technician'. Best case they will waste time, worst case they will end up with a genuine infection with the possibility of divulging sensitive information such as bank details.

Andy Henderson