Progress to 9 August

I’ve had another go at a colour scheme. It takes a bit of a liberty with the U3A logo, but I think the result looks stronger than the others. You can see it at:

The other two schemes are at:

Let me know what you think.

I’ve started setting up the maintenance pages for:

  • Members
  • Groups
  • Events (and linking them to groups)

You can see how the test groups appear on page: :

  • Art appreciation is set up with the minimum amount of information: A brief description; a full description (that repeats the brief description) and a group leader. The group has no events. If you click its ‘More’ link you’ll see there’s a link to contact Peter as the group leader. This demonstrates the site’s ability to email people without disclosing their email address. The link expires after a while so can’t be re-used by spammers. When linked from a group, the contact form shows the group leaders telephone number (if provided) as now.
  • Cycling is set up with a little more detail including a picture. You’ll see the detail page has a list of events at the foot of the page. They have all been created with a single, recurring event (the site knows how to handle an event recurring on the first Tuesday of each month). Click any event to see more detail including a map of the meeting venue (I plan to provide a mechanism to: show/hide the map; show the venue only to group members; and support multiple venues). I also plan to allow for an event organiser that will default to the group leaders.
  • I’ve created the Walking group with two leaders to show how you can contact each one or email all of them. There is no limit to the number of group leaders. The walking group events have been added individually so they each have different details and description. For example, each walk could show: walking notes; grid references; links to pub details; even routes.

The events linked from the groups also appear in the calendar at . Note that the group and event data has been entered just once. Pages like the calendar are built automatically from the database.

I’ve also created the ‘Open groups’ page at . Note that I’ve specified that the Art Appreciation group is currently closed to new members so it doesn’t appear in the list.

If you log in to the site, you will be able to use the ‘Member lookup’ service. You can find it in the ‘Member services’ menu. Try looking for first name ‘Peter’. You are taken straight to Peter’s details. There’s not a lot to see because I’ve specified that Peter’s details are not generally available. His telephone number does appear, however, because he is a group leader. Now click ‘Search again’ and search for last name ‘Henderson’. I’ve put me and Margaret in the system so you get to choose which one you want. Choose me to see the available contact details.

Still a lot to do, but I hope the overall structure is starting to make sense.

Next steps are to finish the event pages and implement group memberships.

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