Progress to 8 November

Some more progress...


  • Loaded details for over half the groups including their event pages
  • Made some minor improvements to the member and editor dropdowns in the group pages
  • Fully implemented the retirement reason on the members' record. Setting a retirement reason to 'deceased' or 'lapsed' effectively removes them from the site. In practice, they are still there so they can be reinstated in the event of an error or a lapsed member re-joining. Setting a retirement reason automatically:
    • disables login for that member
    • prevents the site from sending automated emails to the member
    • removes the member from the group page as leader, editor or member
    • removes the member from any event for which they are the event leader
    • shows a message if someone tries to contact them via a u3a-contact-member link
    • does not match when trying to add group members or editors
    • suppresses details in the member lookup page
    • prevents use of newsfeed feed links that quote the members' id
  • Updated the calendars so that events organised by open groups and groups accepting new members are highlighted in yellow
  • Completed the 'Join Us' page and application form - Bryan and Sue, please take a look and give the form a try; the joiner forms go to which redirects them to Bryan's email
  • Created a new 'Join a group' page and linked it to the groups menu (I originally intended that this content be part of the 'Join us' page, but I think it will be more useful as a separate page)
  • Completed the members' home page
  • Created a new type of group called 'Administration which doesn't show the group list pages; instead, it's used to create a mailing list for a group of members and accumulate documents for them (see here for the group I set up for us - not my idea by the way, someone - Maura? - suggested the possibility on a walk)
  • Added a members' login id to lists when showing members matching a search to differentiate members with the same name
  • Sent follow-ups to my requests for group information (already received three more)

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