Progress to 25 August

Quite a bit more progress to report. This week most of my work has been in the events area…

I’ve added a couple of home page images – thanks to Bryan for the monthly meeting one.

Monthly meetings and Visits now have different colours in the calendars so they stand out better.

When you log in, you now see a ‘News from your groups’ option in the ‘News & articles’ menu.

We can now add one or more organisers to an event. If an event has no organiser, the system shows the leader(s) of any linked groups as the organiser(s). There’s a contact link for each organiser.

We can now add as many venues to an event as we want (for example, all the pick-up points for a visit). The venue map is now hidden by default and appears when you click a ‘Show’ link. We can now mark venues as being visible only to members (home addresses, for example) which prevents details (including map locations) from being seen by the public. If details are suppressed, the page shows a link inviting members to log in to see more detail.

I’ve implemented the iCalendar feed. This allows you to include U3A events in electronic calendars, automatically. I’ve also written an article explaining the feature here and linked it from the page footer. There are two versions of the link: one for members of the public and one for members (which can show any private events).

I’ve added a ‘log in first’ page. This is useful for distributing links to pages in the members’ area since – if the member is not logged in – a simple link to the page will fail with a ‘not found’ message. Try using this link when logged out, for example: News item for U3A members only.

I’ve implemented access control for events so they can now be edited by event organisers and editors of linked projects.

I’ve cleaned up page styling in a few places.

Here’s a list of the major tasks in the ‘to do’ list:

  • Finalise colour scheme
  • Update login page to match
  • Operational data maintenance, enquiry and reporting (in discussion with Bryan)
  • Email notification of new group items to group members
  • Email all members/members of a group
  • Access control for editing news and article pages, and for controlling which groups a new item can be linked to
  • Maintain/show group interests
  • Forums
  • Documentation
    • Walkthrough
    • ‘How to’s
    • Developer
  • Data capture
    • Members
    • Groups
    • News
    • Articles
    • Events
    • Pages

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