Progress to 1 September

Here's a summary of recent progress.

I've created it as a news item at: (also visible via the 'News & articles' menu on the web site in the 'News' section). I then used the new 'Email all U3A Members' service to send the article as an email to all members which - currently - are all the members of the oversight group.

Recent progress:

  • When adding or changing a news item or an article, there is now an option to send a notification email to members of all related groups.
  • Members can now specify - through their profile page - which groups they want to receive automated emails from.
  • I've set up access controls for editing: news items; articles and events. We can set up:
    • Editors that can edit anything on the site - including news items and articles for the U3A as a whole
    • Group editors that can create items only for their group and can edit items they have created and any item created exclusively for their group
    • Editors that can edit several groups - for example - all the Scrabble groups could have a common editor; editors don't have to be group members
  • There are now the following bulk email services:
    • Email all members - available to site editors only
    • Email all group leaders - available to site editors only
    • Email all members in a group - available to site editors, group editors and group members (if the requester can email more than one group, they have to option to email selected groups with the same email)
  • The bulk email services allow authorised members to send a simple message or provide the id of a post - like this one - to be sent as an email
  • The group page now provides:
    • Group members with a link to email all members of the group
    • Group editors with links to create: news items, articles and events for their group
  • I've restyled/reworked: the log in page; the search results page and the page displayed if the site can't find a requested page (also known as a 404 page)
  • I fixed a bug that meant we couldn't delete more than one group member or editor at a time

The list of things still left to do is coming down nicely and the development work (bar operational data) is nearly complete:

  • Finalise colour scheme
  • Operational data maintenance, enquiry and reporting (subject to discussion with Bryan)
  • Maintain/show group interests
  • Forums
  • Documentation
    • Walkthrough
    • 'How to's
    • Developer
  • Data capture
    • Members
    • Groups
    • News
    • Articles
    • Events
    • Pages

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