New U3A 'emergency contacts' feature

Group leaders can now copy a list of a group's members and their emergency contacts down to a mobile phone or tablet (in fact, any portable device that has a web browser). The list also includes contact information for members that have allowed it to appear.

Group leaders can download members' details to a phone or mobile device prior to a U3A event. If they leave the web page open, they can use it to get any of their members' details should there be an incident during the event - even if they do not have an internet connection. This is most useful to outdoor groups, and groups that meet away from homes.

The new feature is available in the members' area: in the menus, select 'Member services', 'Membership admin' and 'Your group contacts'. You can then select from a list of groups that you lead or - if you lead just one group - you are taken straight to the contact list for that group.

Group leaders who intend to use the service should encourage their members to add their emergency contacts in the web site. Members can get to their profile in the members' area: in the menus, select 'Member services' and 'Your profile'. They can then add or update their details in the 'Emergency contacts' box and click the 'Update Profile' button at the bottom of the page to save their change.

Hopefully, this is a service we will never need, but it could prove extremely valuable.

Andy Henderson