Longer U3A walk in May

I previously proposed a longer walk than usual for Thursday May 10th. More details about the walk - including start point and time - here. I got a mixed response to the suggested date.

If you're not interested in going on the walk, you need read no further.

To see if I can get a consensus on the best date for the walk, here are several dates that I can make:

  • Thursday, May 10th - the original date
  • Friday, May 11th
  • Monday, May 14th
  • Tuesday, May 15th

Can you please let me know, for each date, which applies:

  • Yes, I can make it
  • Yes, but I'd rather not
  • No, I can't make it

That will help me spot the best date and - if the weather forecast isn't good - a suitable alternative date.



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