Log in without passwords & supplementary HIU3A update

This note introduces a feature that allows you to log in to the members' area of our site without having to provide a password. It also provides some information that was not included in the March update.

Log in without a password

We've noticed that a lot of members don't remember their password and always use the 'forgot password' mechanism to log in to the members' area.

There's now a much easier method. The log in page shows a 'Log in without a password' button. Click/tap it and you will be asked to provide either your username or the email address we hold for you. The site will send you an email that contains a magic link. Click/tap the link to log in automatically. That's it.

The link will last for just 15 minutes, so have your email system ready. Once connected, your log in will last for up to two days.

If you haven't already paid your subscription for 2023/24, how about trying the new method to log in, complete the simple renewal form (just two questions) and make your payment online? Start here.

If you have paid, thank you. Half the membership has renewed already!

Password manager

It's good to have a simpler log in method but, if you can face it, it's better to use a password manager like LastPass or Zoho. Both offer a free service that stores all your ids and passwords and can fill them in automatically for you.

A password manager makes it practical to use a different, complex password for every site - a major obstacle to would-be hackers. Using the same password for multiple sites is asking for trouble because all your data is at risk from the site with the poorest security.

Supplementary update

The following groups are all looking for new members:

Assistance dogs are welcome at the monthly meetings. Unfortunately, we can't allow other kinds of dog.

We're looking for more volunteers to help with preparing and serving refreshments at monthly meetings.

We're also looking for bakers to make cakes as part of our coronation celebration at the May monthly meeting.

Andy Henderson
Hayling u3a web site editor