HIU3A right of way complaint resolved

Some of you might remember the walk around Meonstoke and Corhampton organised by Jo Hallet and Jorg Boulton for 26th March 2018.

Shortly after starting the walk we encountered a locked gate that required us to unhook an electrified wire and clamber over a fence in order to proceed. Clearly an obstruction to the right of way.

I took some photos and, when I got home, created a free account at the Hampshire rights of way web site, and reported the problem. The photos I submitted are on the right (click them to see a larger version).

It's taken almost exactly a year, but I just got the following from the Rights of Way team:

This report has been resolved to our satisfaction and has now been closed. A kissing gate has been installed here by Waltham Ramblers Volunteer Group. Thank you for taking the time to contact us regarding this issue.

So, it's worth taking the trouble to report problems.

I've sent a note to Waltham Ramblers to thank them for their efforts.


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