haylingu3a.org.uk is changing

Over the next few days we will be moving the Hayling u3a web site to a new server. This will:

  • Eliminate a disk space constraint that's causing us problems
  • Increase reliability of the site which has seen more down time recently than we've been happy with.

The easiest way to do that and keep the site working is to create a new web site address: haylingu3a.org instead of haylingu3a.org.uk.

The haylingu3a.org site appears to be working now, but it's just a test site. Please do not use it until the switchover happens as any changes you make will be lost.

While we make the switch, the haylingu3a.org.uk site will shut down temporarily. During this time you'll see a message explaining what's happening. As soon as we've finished the move, we will re-open the haylingu3a.org.uk site but now, if you try to use it, you will be transferred automatically to the new haylingu3a.org site.

When you see that happen, you can start using the haylingu3a.org site directly.

Emails sent from our site will then starting coming from haylingu3a.org. Please update your email software to trust emails coming from that address. There are two easy ways to do that:

  • Add andy@haylingu3a.org and chair@haylingu3a.org to your email address book; most email providers will take that as a hint that you're happy to receive our emails.
  • If you find any of our emails in your spam folder, please look for a 'Not spam' button. Using the button will reduce the chance of future emails going to spam, not just for you but for other members too.

If you have a haylingu3a.org.uk email address it will continue to work as before but you will now have an equivalent haylingu3a.org address. We will automatically update your profile to use the new address if appropriate.

Hopefully, the switchover will be a smooth one but if you see any problems or if you have any questions, please let me know.


Andy Henderson
Hayling u3a web site editor