Hayling Island U3A - Supplementary October update

In this update:

  • Our donation to the Hayling Island Community Centre
  • A new way to send emails
  • In case you missed it

Our donation to the Hayling Island Community Centre

You are probably already aware of the community centre's appeal for help to keep going during the COVID-19 emergency.

The committee has approved a £500 donation on your behalf which Bob Hornby presented last week.

Click here if you'd like to find out more about the appeal and make your own donation.

A new way to send emails

As an organisation with a large mailing list and limited funds, we have struggled to deliver emails from the web site to everyone. We know that all the emails get delivered to your email provider because they tell us they receive them, but they are a law to themselves when it comes to deciding whether to deliver them to your inbox, or not.

We have been exploring a new way to send emails using Amazon's data centre in London. Surprisingly, this is a lot cheaper than the service we've been using up to now. Initial trials with some members who use BT (notoriously bad at spam checking) have gone well so this is our first attempt to use Amazon to send an all-member email. Please let me know of any issues (or even successes).

In case you missed it

All previous all-member emails are shown in the News section of the HIU3A web site. This month's update email is here and covers:

  • Availability of the Autumn 2020 newsletter online
  • Recognition for the Petanque group
  • Links to U3A Trust online events and videos

Andy Henderson
Hayling Island U3A web site editor