Hayling Island u3a - November notices

In this update:

  • No monthly meeting next month
  • Monthly meeting tea monitors
  • Committee members
  • Next monthly meeting
  • Notices at monthly meetings
  • The Autumn newsletter
  • New members meeting
  • Group leaders meeting
  • Your contact details

No monthly meeting next month

As usual, we're taking a break in December. We'll be back in January, but not on the usual day. See on...

Monthly meeting tea monitors

I am still looking for a couple more volunteers to help out with the teas and coffees at the monthly meetings. My preference is to have enough volunteers so that each person only need do the maximum two meetings a year. So please let me know if you can help.

Committee members

We are still looking for at least one volunteer to join the Hayling u3a committee to shadow and help the current officers when needed. In particular, we are looking for someone to shadow the Group Co-ordinator. By volunteering you would find out more about how the committee works and the duties of the various officers. Contact me for further information.

Next monthly meeting...

... will take place on 12th January.

Please note the change of date to the second Thursday rather than the third. This change is because the Blood Donation Service will be at the Community Centre on our normal day. The talk will be ‘The Highlands of Scotland’ by David Boag.

Notices at monthly meetings

From the next meeting, I will be trialling presentation of the notices at the end of the monthly meetings on the stage screen, as well as announcing them. Hopefully, this will provide more clarity to those not able to hear so well. The notices will be left on the screen during tea.

The Autumn newsletter...

... will be available electronically early December. Hard copies will be sent out through the Scouts postal service just before Christmas.

New members meeting

We will arrange a meeting for all new members during January. The date is not fixed yet, but I will notify all new members in the next couple of weeks.

Group leaders meeting

We will arrange a meeting for all group leaders during February. The date is not fixed as at the moment, but I will notify everyone after Christmas.

Your contact details

It is important that your contact details are kept up to date on our database. As we do not ask you to complete a membership form annually, you may find that yours/your next of kin’s details are out of date. It is easy to view and update your information via our website. If you do not feel confident to do that, bring your up-to-date information to one of our monthly meetings for processing.

Wishing you a very happy Christmas and a healthy new year,

Julie Taylor
Chair, Hayling Island u3a