Hayling Island u3a - March update

In this update:

  • Triangle girls
  • Parking reminder
  • Subscriptions
  • Easy way to remember passwords

Triangle girls

At next Thursday's monthly meeting, Cheryl Jewitt will tell us the story of women who worked in the munitions factories; pioneers who worked in shipbuilding and other male dominated domains. Cheryl’s grandmother was a triangle girl.

More details here.

Parking reminder

Please consider whether you need to park at the community centre, or not, for the monthly meeting. Some members need to be able to park there and have had to turn back because the car park was full.

Alternatives are:

  • Walking or cycling to the community centre
  • Car sharing, perhaps with someone who can drop you off before parking elsewhere
  • Parking at the Barley Mow - we are welcome to park there but you might need to register your car with the Barley Mow before leaving it


A quarter of members have already paid their subscriptions for 2022/23. Thank-you, that will reduce the queues at Thursday’s meeting. If you haven’t paid yours yet, you can do that any time here (or click the ‘Renew your subscription’ link at the bottom of any HIU3A web page). The new online card payment option is working well and you can still pay by bank transfer. One person can pay for two members in a single transaction.

We’ll have tables at the monthly meeting where we’ll be collecting subscriptions: £10 per member and £7 for associate members. You’ll be able to pay by: card (contactless or PIN), cheque made out to “Hayling Island U3A”, or cash (exact money, if possible, please).

There will be separate tables split by card payments and member surname. Please make sure you join the right queue. There will be someone on duty to guide you if you are unsure.

Easy way to remember passwords

You might be one of those members who routinely have to use the 'forgot password' procedure to log in to the web site.

If you struggle to keep track of all your passwords, a password manager can help. It stores your ids and passwords securely. You just need to remember a single password to get to them. Once you unlock it, the password manager watches what you are doing and, when you are challenged, enters the correct id and password for you, automatically.

There are many password managers, the one I use is LastPass which is one of the market leaders and free for use on one type of device (typically computer or mobile/tablet).

Andy Henderson
Hayling u3a web site editor